Friday, January 9, 2009

POW!!!!!! by Mr Joe Cool

It aint jus about rap at C.O.O.L Musik

As i sit back and i lick Mary Jane up/ b4 she gets fucked/and i begin 2 blow out her guts/ my eyes creep lower and lower til they get shut/ her smell alone gets me hot til i start 2 nut/ now fuck i think i done messed her all up/ cause i put my lips 2 da hole but it aint wet enough/ or hot enough shall i say/ her taste sends me flying away/ especially when i sip dat lean/ which consists of lemonade and codine/ i get so high dat my nose eventually bleeds/ but in da end she takes care of me/ saliva makes me feel i am one wit a tree/ i fuck wit the white girl far more less/ cause her body needs 2 b cut/ like she's depressed/ she makes my face numb/ when i put her to my gums/ i hear people say all da time dont use drugs/ but wats da point of living if i cant have fun/ i rather put the barrel to my head and masterbate my gun/.....POW!!!!


1 comment:

Frank Ramz aka Frankenstein said...

song below is dope man..
and you should record this verse..make it a song or at least a lil' freestyle joint