Thursday, April 16, 2009

Joe Cool's Projects

Wassup world

Some new music updates from Joe Cool have arrived. He has been recording and writing 2 concept projects. Along with preparing an even bigger surprise.

The first project, The Saiyan vs Sonic Chronicles, is said to be released mid-summer. This is Joe Cool's first ever music project. He portrays his story telling skills as he tells a story, over seven of Charles Hamilton's beats, through the eyes of the Dragonball Z character Vegeta. He touches on topics such as love, competition, super natural experinces, plus more while tellin Vegeta's journey through Sonic The Headchog's world.

The second project is The Heartbreak hotel. Joe Cool said this is his therapy to heal his broken heart. He takes us on a journey finding himself and love. " This is project right here just started out me wrting different poems for the girls in and out of my life, but it turned to more when i started being more honest and started opening up more. Opening up is something had for me I've put up all kids of walls so that nobody will get too close, but with this...u jus gotta hear it."

Joe Cool has been doin plenty writing with many artist from the label, so you can expect a compilation CD full of features sometime in the near future. Also working on music Charles has a couple songs to be released and King Lathan. Keep look out for more from Cool Musik. The movement hasn't even begun 2 happen.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

We're Back

Wat it do world

Its Smitty Da Boss. I'm back the Cool Musik Blog is back up. Catch new updates 4rm artist on the label or people we work with. As you know this has become a more bussiness type blog, so no more deep thought provoking entries. You can check out our individual artist on their own blogs, facebook,mysoace, or personal websites.

The label has been goin thru some things, but things are finally startin 2 go smoother it seems. You can expect atleast 5 mixtapes comin out b4 the end of the year. Until then i bring you a new song by Joe Cool. His 4th song recorded. Its not mastered yet. Leave yo comments and suggestions and let us know how 2 improve or what 2 change or add.

You can also hear more 4rm Joe Cool at


3 Course Meal - Joe Cool (prod. Charlie Hilton)