Saturday, January 10, 2009

2 U by Mr Joe Cool

I can't stop people
another poem 4rm ya boy

Baby yo love is wonderful/I enjoy the sounds u make when I'm lovin u/yo beauty is godly/not 2 mention ya body/ I stare deep in ur eyes/u give me butterflies/wit ur kiss and touch/I can spend hours wit u and not fuck/lite skin tone wit brown dot freakles/I could love u til the end of time I bet u/ I get pleasure 4rm makin u smile/I wonder if u kno I've been chrushin on u 4 awhile/I got pages and pages of songs inspired by u/2 u no lies I only speak truth/give me all your kisses and hugs/ cause I'm addicted 2 u girl u my drug/I love the way yo mind thinks/ and my heart melts everytime u speak/I want all yo love baby give it 2 me/and I promise I'll love u 4rm head 2 toe/cause baby I can tell that u aint no hoe/now that I've made it clear how I feel/i neva want u 2 go/


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