Sunday, January 18, 2009

Love and War 2

So I pick up where I left off/ it was 12:20 when the alarm went off/Lust woke up with dollar signs on her mind/ couldn’t afford to sleep she had to get back on her grind/ now if you if you missed the first episode/ I’m a describe this bad hoe/ 5”5’ right/ light green eyes/a smile that could light up the sky/ beautiful full kissable lips/ that also where used to kiss a mean stick/ and her body/ its godly/ it could never be rivaled by anybody/ better than any video vixen/ but she well toned cause her workout had boxing mixed in/ she had a nice perky B cup/ and size 14 pants fit tight upon her butt/ men loved to sneak a touch/ a light skin girl mixed with a hint of oriental/ that made her eyes slant yea something special/ kept a fly belly ring sitting in her navel/ hair softer than a baby sitting in a cradle/ didn’t dress a hood/ but she did look good/ far from a stuck-up chick/ even though she was very rich/ she got dressed and left Young’s house/ cute with her shorts white beater and a sucker in her mouth/ as she walked down the streets she made dudes jaws drop/ now she makes her way down/ the street where she lives/ she gives kisses to the little kids/ opens her mother’s front door/ she gets a nose full of the smell of clean clothes/ her twin nerdy sister walks downstairs/ she looked just like Lust but had bedroom hair/ she wore a pair of glass/ the way they looked the same it had to be magic/ Lust asked Why her sister was home/ Seduction replied Just to help mom with some chores/ their mom bust in Don’t start arguing girls/Lust asked why you aint with yo big shot boyfriend/ Seduction said I was going to ask the same thing/ her twin virgin sister with an angelic voice walked away/ leaving her sister with a look of dismay/ she walked around her mom’s 5 room place/ this was her mom’s third house just to get away/ Seduction walked around cleaning with her mother/ a mamma’s girl if you ever heard of one/ as the day went by nothing new popped off/ Until Young heard boom as a gun went off/ all he could think about was getting to Lust/ doin a 150 on a busy street was a added rush/ another boom dang that was close this time/ slow motion as shells barley missed his ride/ a quick turn with his wheel and he was out of harms way again/ slowly pulled to Lust mom’s house/ only she was there all the lights were out/ he walked up and rang the door bell/ its open rang an angelic voice from upstairs/

To be continued


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