Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Love and War 3

As the door opens to the gigantic crib/ only thing on Young's mind was gettin in Lust ribs/ he wanted to make her FEEL/ he wanted to make her FEEL/to feel this love dats so unreal/ he wanted to get her hot like a runnin automobile/no more excuses or not now/ he was gonna rub and hold her pussy like a violen bow/ ths was to be his vow/ the angelic voice that was now hyonotizing him/ was now calling to him/ moanin and yearning for him/ since now Lust has been untouchable like a phantom limb/ now her body was to be all his/ as he got upstairs Lust face was barly visible by the chandeliers/ he held her in his arms as he ran his hands through her bedroom hair/she whispered "baby you got me walking on air"/ he carried her to the bedroom and began the love affair/ her body felt so good in his arms/ he felt on top of the world in her charm/ no rushing or goin at a fast pace/in between all the kissing and sucking they got tangled like a shoe lace/ he entered her hot wet heaven he was sent to a hgher place/ if u watched this beautiful moment you would be speechless/ all they both could feel was total bless/ no longer could their feelings be suppressed/ she got on top of him and rode Young's pony express/ when the room was too full of love/Young began to pull out of/ This heaven felt he was undeserving of/ puttin his seed in her love/ even though couldn't live witout her like a love bird/she grabbed him and put him back in/ "nut in me baby i wanna have yo kid"/ he held her close as they locked eyes/ and he put his seed all inside/ they laid together until the day/ u gotta go baby was the fist words he heard her say/ that morning he got dressed whispered i love you/ "i love you 2 boo"/ as he drove off he thought is dat true/ Young's cell began to ring/ with a number he aint never seen/ he answered the phone when he was unseen/ the angel had a smile as she cleaned up the blood/ that came out like a flood/her pussy still hurtin/ after Sedution lost her virgin.....

to be continued

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