Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Love and War 3

As the door opens to the gigantic crib/ only thing on Young's mind was gettin in Lust ribs/ he wanted to make her FEEL/ he wanted to make her FEEL/to feel this love dats so unreal/ he wanted to get her hot like a runnin automobile/no more excuses or not now/ he was gonna rub and hold her pussy like a violen bow/ ths was to be his vow/ the angelic voice that was now hyonotizing him/ was now calling to him/ moanin and yearning for him/ since now Lust has been untouchable like a phantom limb/ now her body was to be all his/ as he got upstairs Lust face was barly visible by the chandeliers/ he held her in his arms as he ran his hands through her bedroom hair/she whispered "baby you got me walking on air"/ he carried her to the bedroom and began the love affair/ her body felt so good in his arms/ he felt on top of the world in her charm/ no rushing or goin at a fast pace/in between all the kissing and sucking they got tangled like a shoe lace/ he entered her hot wet heaven he was sent to a hgher place/ if u watched this beautiful moment you would be speechless/ all they both could feel was total bless/ no longer could their feelings be suppressed/ she got on top of him and rode Young's pony express/ when the room was too full of love/Young began to pull out of/ This heaven felt he was undeserving of/ puttin his seed in her love/ even though couldn't live witout her like a love bird/she grabbed him and put him back in/ "nut in me baby i wanna have yo kid"/ he held her close as they locked eyes/ and he put his seed all inside/ they laid together until the day/ u gotta go baby was the fist words he heard her say/ that morning he got dressed whispered i love you/ "i love you 2 boo"/ as he drove off he thought is dat true/ Young's cell began to ring/ with a number he aint never seen/ he answered the phone when he was unseen/ the angel had a smile as she cleaned up the blood/ that came out like a flood/her pussy still hurtin/ after Sedution lost her virgin.....

to be continued

Monday, January 19, 2009

2nite Girl


It is 9:20 i got a cold and i gotta work but i'm bringing u 2 new songs

This could be one of my favorite songs
and Music is My Life sorry Charles lol


Music is My Life

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Love and War 2

So I pick up where I left off/ it was 12:20 when the alarm went off/Lust woke up with dollar signs on her mind/ couldn’t afford to sleep she had to get back on her grind/ now if you if you missed the first episode/ I’m a describe this bad hoe/ 5”5’ right/ light green eyes/a smile that could light up the sky/ beautiful full kissable lips/ that also where used to kiss a mean stick/ and her body/ its godly/ it could never be rivaled by anybody/ better than any video vixen/ but she well toned cause her workout had boxing mixed in/ she had a nice perky B cup/ and size 14 pants fit tight upon her butt/ men loved to sneak a touch/ a light skin girl mixed with a hint of oriental/ that made her eyes slant yea something special/ kept a fly belly ring sitting in her navel/ hair softer than a baby sitting in a cradle/ didn’t dress a hood/ but she did look good/ far from a stuck-up chick/ even though she was very rich/ she got dressed and left Young’s house/ cute with her shorts white beater and a sucker in her mouth/ as she walked down the streets she made dudes jaws drop/ now she makes her way down/ the street where she lives/ she gives kisses to the little kids/ opens her mother’s front door/ she gets a nose full of the smell of clean clothes/ her twin nerdy sister walks downstairs/ she looked just like Lust but had bedroom hair/ she wore a pair of glass/ the way they looked the same it had to be magic/ Lust asked Why her sister was home/ Seduction replied Just to help mom with some chores/ their mom bust in Don’t start arguing girls/Lust asked why you aint with yo big shot boyfriend/ Seduction said I was going to ask the same thing/ her twin virgin sister with an angelic voice walked away/ leaving her sister with a look of dismay/ she walked around her mom’s 5 room place/ this was her mom’s third house just to get away/ Seduction walked around cleaning with her mother/ a mamma’s girl if you ever heard of one/ as the day went by nothing new popped off/ Until Young heard boom as a gun went off/ all he could think about was getting to Lust/ doin a 150 on a busy street was a added rush/ another boom dang that was close this time/ slow motion as shells barley missed his ride/ a quick turn with his wheel and he was out of harms way again/ slowly pulled to Lust mom’s house/ only she was there all the lights were out/ he walked up and rang the door bell/ its open rang an angelic voice from upstairs/

To be continued


Saturday, January 10, 2009

2 U by Mr Joe Cool

I can't stop people
another poem 4rm ya boy

Baby yo love is wonderful/I enjoy the sounds u make when I'm lovin u/yo beauty is godly/not 2 mention ya body/ I stare deep in ur eyes/u give me butterflies/wit ur kiss and touch/I can spend hours wit u and not fuck/lite skin tone wit brown dot freakles/I could love u til the end of time I bet u/ I get pleasure 4rm makin u smile/I wonder if u kno I've been chrushin on u 4 awhile/I got pages and pages of songs inspired by u/2 u no lies I only speak truth/give me all your kisses and hugs/ cause I'm addicted 2 u girl u my drug/I love the way yo mind thinks/ and my heart melts everytime u speak/I want all yo love baby give it 2 me/and I promise I'll love u 4rm head 2 toe/cause baby I can tell that u aint no hoe/now that I've made it clear how I feel/i neva want u 2 go/


Friday, January 9, 2009

POW!!!!!! by Mr Joe Cool

It aint jus about rap at C.O.O.L Musik

As i sit back and i lick Mary Jane up/ b4 she gets fucked/and i begin 2 blow out her guts/ my eyes creep lower and lower til they get shut/ her smell alone gets me hot til i start 2 nut/ now fuck i think i done messed her all up/ cause i put my lips 2 da hole but it aint wet enough/ or hot enough shall i say/ her taste sends me flying away/ especially when i sip dat lean/ which consists of lemonade and codine/ i get so high dat my nose eventually bleeds/ but in da end she takes care of me/ saliva makes me feel i am one wit a tree/ i fuck wit the white girl far more less/ cause her body needs 2 b cut/ like she's depressed/ she makes my face numb/ when i put her to my gums/ i hear people say all da time dont use drugs/ but wats da point of living if i cant have fun/ i rather put the barrel to my head and masterbate my gun/.....POW!!!!


Ill Shit

I kno i'm early but i'm movin back 2 my dorm sunday so

A song did real quick again.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Love and War

Hello world wat i am about 2 start 2day is something crazy.
i started dis idea back in my senior year but i gotta finish it doe.

So i bring 2 you

Love and War

Where shall this story begin/ um can’t decide to start from the beginning or end/ so I’ll start in the middle of the love strung war/ he wake’s up yeah the main character his name is Young/ wipes the sleep out his eye as he wakes to the sound of a gun/ nothing new so looks at the girl that’s got him sprung/ Lust…dang what a beautiful woman/ she’s the wet dream and fantasy of every straight man / she stands 5”5’ a light skin red bone/ her coke bottle body looks right in her tight cloths/ so Young stands to embrace the morning/ sun shines his tat ‘ nobody knows the pain I’m supporting’/ he got fresh when he got up out of the shower/ 18 smart as hell but gave up on his goals for college/ another sexless night/ but he can never figure out why\...why he wants her for a wife/ dropped every girl he had after one week/ cause her kisses seem to always make him weak/ ands that just on the cheek/ cause when her lips touch his he damn near skeets/ when she’s in his arms he cant speak/ makes money all day and she’ll spend it in a blink/ as he leaves grabs his chain puts on his gold watch/ steps outside his man’s getting harassed by a cop/ “where’s the drugs we know that you keep it”/ he smiles and whispers/ “quiet it’s a secret”/ shocked as his man G can keep his cool/ happy to see his man he’s known since grade school/ since pre-school destine to be cool to the tomb/ they’ve seen seasons bloom and emergency rooms/the cop left and they got on their way/ they were used to the racism they stay in the mind state/ that cops aint nothing but legit KKK/ o and cant forget the D.E.A../ Who be giving them the rock like in the NBA/ they chill on the block like all the time/everybody knew Young and G were partners in crime/ so that’s where the hate begins/ mad cause the two been making money since they were kids/ most can’t take it so they want beef/and that’s where we introduce their man Beast/ yeah he also was in Young’s crew/ him and G met him back in middle school/ where Young and G were getting ganged/ Beast helped them both and brought the other boy’s to shame/ Beast was a native from the California coast/ big as a tank and was blacker than burnt toast/his name was Beast but most call him ghost/ on how when he got an enemy they disappear like turkey roast/ now the holy trinity/ as they were called never let anyone come between/ they all looked up to the same man that ran the streets/ Hustle is what they call him when they speak/ this old cat liked to think that he was elite/ he saw himself in Young cause history repeats/ he tells him what not to when they do feats/ only thing he doesn’t talk about is the chicks see/ Hustle like most of them was raised by only his mother/ he had two sister but no brothers/ he had witnessed the pain men and brought the others/ and vowed to never have a partake in women hurting/ it was a rare sight to see Hustle out/ he mostly stayed in the penthouse/ or what he called his safe house/ where he let G jump on girls like a kangaroo mouse/ so that a make Beast mighty mouse/ and Young ‘Mickey Mouse’/ so in turn Lust is Minnie/ speaking of Lust she woke up at 12:20/ she stayed the night with him cause she thought it was dirty/ and cause Young always said she Lovely to Look At like Roberta/ he was something different like homicide and murder/she had her own closet space/, toothbrush, and food to make/ he was hers she liked it that way/ even know she was known to stray/

to be continued

stay tuned I'ma inform ya'll wit
wats goin on wit Cool Musik