Friday, September 25, 2009

Precyse Drops

Wassup World
Cool Musik artist Precyse dropped his first mixtape "...And They Call Him Mr Invisible...". You can find it at datpiff or you can download it here.

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This is only the begining.


chris said...

this dude is dissing charles hamilton what fuck is wrong with you. mixtape is good but what the fuck is wrong with trying to diss ch. i see why everyone gettin at you precyse.

Smitty said...

Aye Chris
As you can see CH visits the site from the shoutbox. Chris aint no beef happening at Cool Musik. We are about promoting change and unity in the music business. Precyse has no beef with CH nor does anybody else.


Chris said...

if he does then why is everybody posting that he did this diss track too him called the windex effect. saying that ch is dead.

Chris said...

every time he steps into a blogspot people already take jabs at precyse. and and those websites hate precyse anytime he goes on there. so there going to hate him even more after he just released thiis diss track called the windex effect. peace smitty sorry for all stuff that i said. be cool and stay cool