Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Beats

Wassup World

Here's some new beats for 'The Cool Compilation' mixtape

My Body - Kid Retro

My Life - Kid Retro

Both beats were produced by our newest producer Kid Retro. If you wanna use either beat hit me up at



Anonymous said...

omfg that my body shit was crazyyyy...i wrote some ill shit to dat.... pleaseee lemme record on dattt

JayBlayde/Gambitt said...

Just checking ya'll out and I like what I'm hearing.
Will visit freq.

Anonymous said...

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prince said...

what up precyse. man i love yo music. can you please put back the anonymous comment back on yo blog so i can comment how good yo music is. please. i saw that song you did with young fatantisk. thats goes hard. i saw that on . your gonna be the future of hip hop one day. keep up the good work. peace