Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Psychological Love by Mr Joe Cool

close my eyes jus 2 b wit u
all things untru, in your eyes, become tru
i feel u callin 2 me
da wantin is so strong
where u r i dont kno
but we're tied by our soul
your raw emotions transfer 2 eye
feelins so robust and real makes me cry
come away wit me fly through the sky
we can fly and let our souls die
lord 4give I
no me
or she
is He
live our first kiss 4eva
our first time is always da best time
your hand in mine
we fly away like butterflies
drink da nectar 4rm ya flower
in da starlight we can shower
feed me kiwi under a moon lite sky
as i stare deep in your eyes
or yo soul tryin 2 see wats inside
or like a kid wit a mean mamma
i wanna see da outside
be my eternal woman
no need 4 otha women
wishin u'd
become real like Pinocchio
ima keep wishin
til den im talkin 2 my conscience
like Jimminnie Cricket
my imaginary girlfriend and her man
Wendy and Peter Pan
dancing 4eva
in Neverland

.......i got a love of words not goin crazy


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your prose is decent. You should spell your words correctly though. Your use of alternative spellings detracts, heavily, from the substance of your poetry. Good luck.