Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My first entry

Wat it do world
its ya boy smitty Cool Musik Ceo
I really don't kno wat 2 say except

The purpose of dis blog is to
promote Cool Musik
put out music I want
and get my voice heard

Coming in 09 you can expect
a FREE new song every week
a FREE beat every week
a FREE mixtape every month
and a couple more surprises i'm holdin on to

And to go along wit my first blog
Here's a song right here of me just spittin
Its Called Stand tall
i wrote dis kinda quickly

Right now i'm workin on
Fixing my flow
word play
word choice
and my voice cause i dont like it

anyway hit a nigga up
email 2 da left
comment and let me kno wassup
and stay tuned


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